Star Scientific Glass Co.

Industrial Glasswares and Components

Our company is regarded as one of the prominent Manufacturers, Exporters, wholesaler and Suppliers of an extensive assortment of Industrial Glassware and Certified Laboratory Glassware. These glasswares are extensively used in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical and other allied ones.  In our wide range of these glasswares we are obliged in offering  MS PTFE Lined, MS PTFE Lined, MS FEP Lined, MS PFA Lined, PTFE Lined Ball Valve, Industrial Glassware, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Equipments, Industrial Laboratory Glassware, Heat Exchanger, Laboratory Pipes, Scientific Flange, Lab Absorber, Distillation Unit, and Packaging Unit. 

Industrial Glassware at a glance:

  • Pipeline Components
  • Sight Flow Indicators
  • Valves
  • Vessel & Stirrers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Column Components
  • Couplings & Gaskets
  • Tubular Supporting Structure
  • Package Units

Pipeline Components

Pipe ReducersGet Quotation

Pipe Reducers

Pipe Cross FittingsGet Quotation

Pipe Cross Fittings

Glass BendsGet Quotation

Glass Bends

Industrial ClosuresGet Quotation

Industrial Closures

Unequal CrossesGet Quotation

Unequal Crosses

Pipe SectionsGet Quotation

Pipe Sections

Sight Flow Indicator

Industrial Valves

Glass ValvesGet Quotation

Glass Valves

Vent ValvesGet Quotation

Vent Valves

Line ValvesGet Quotation

Line Valves

Drain ValvesGet Quotation

Drain Valves

Angle ValvesGet Quotation

Angle Valves

Bottom Outlet ValvesGet Quotation

Bottom Outlet Valves

Industrial Vessels and Stirrers

VesselsGet Quotation


Glass VesselsGet Quotation

Glass Vessels

Heat Exchangers

Glass Heat ExchangersGet Quotation

Glass Heat Exchangers

Glass CondenserGet Quotation

Glass Condenser

Glass BoilerGet Quotation

Glass Boiler

Heat ExchangersGet Quotation

Heat Exchangers

Column Components

Column ComponentsGet Quotation

Column Components

Column Feed PipeGet Quotation

Column Feed Pipe

Packaging Unit and Plants

Industrial Glasswares

Scientific Still HeadGet Quotation

Scientific Still Head

Test TubesGet Quotation

Test Tubes

Laboratory Glasswares and Equipments

Thread InsertsGet Quotation

Thread Inserts

Lab AdapterGet Quotation

Lab Adapter

Plastic Feed PipeGet Quotation

Plastic Feed Pipe

Laboratory Tee

Instrument TeeGet Quotation

Instrument Tee

Scientific Flange

CI FlangesGet Quotation

CI Flanges

Reducing FlangeGet Quotation

Reducing Flange

Blind FlangeGet Quotation

Blind Flange

PTFE Molded RodsGet Quotation

PTFE Molded Rods

PTFE Feed Pipes

PTFE Feed PipesGet Quotation

PTFE Feed Pipes

Equal CrossGet Quotation

Equal Cross

Unequal TeeGet Quotation

Unequal Tee

Industrial ColumnGet Quotation

Industrial Column

Lined Flexible Hose Pipe

CS Lined Pipes

CS PTFE Lined PipesGet Quotation

CS PTFE Lined Pipes

CS PTFE Jacketed PipeGet Quotation

CS PTFE Jacketed Pipe

CS PP Lined PipesGet Quotation

CS PP Lined Pipes

Cyclone MachineGet Quotation

Cyclone Machine

PTFE Molded Sheet and Rods

PTFE Molded SheetGet Quotation

PTFE Molded Sheet

PTFE Skived SheetsGet Quotation

PTFE Skived Sheets

Equal TeeGet Quotation

Equal Tee

Lined Dip Pipes and Spargers

PTFE Lined SpargersGet Quotation

PTFE Lined Spargers

Lined Dip PipesGet Quotation

Lined Dip Pipes

MS Lined Elbows


Plastic PTFE BushGet Quotation

Plastic PTFE Bush

Column SectionsGet Quotation

Column Sections

Lateral TeeGet Quotation

Lateral Tee

Scientific CondenserGet Quotation

Scientific Condenser

Glass DesiccatorGet Quotation

Glass Desiccator

Lined Valves

Lined NRV ValvesGet Quotation

Lined NRV Valves

Lined Plug ValvesGet Quotation

Lined Plug Valves

High Pressure Bellows

Lined Spacers

PP and PFA Lined Reducers

PP Lined and Equal Cross

Double Window Sight Glass

Blind Flange

Blind FlangeGet Quotation

Blind Flange

Lined Tees

Instrument TeeGet Quotation

Instrument Tee

Reducing TeeGet Quotation

Reducing Tee

Equal TeeGet Quotation

Equal Tee

Heating Baths

Heating BathsGet Quotation

Heating Baths

Heating MantlesGet Quotation

Heating Mantles

Laboratory Glassware

Glass Test TubeGet Quotation

Glass Test Tube

Laboratory DishesGet Quotation

Laboratory Dishes

Lab KettlesGet Quotation

Lab Kettles

Lab Ground JointsGet Quotation

Lab Ground Joints

Laboratory Glass Bends

U BendsGet Quotation

U Bends

Liquid Re-Distribution Tray

Coupling and Gaskets

Complete CouplingsGet Quotation

Complete Couplings

Backing FlangesGet Quotation

Backing Flanges

Undrilling FlangesGet Quotation

Undrilling Flanges

Bellow FlangesGet Quotation

Bellow Flanges

Inlet Feed Pipe For Feed Sections

Inlet Feed PipeGet Quotation

Inlet Feed Pipe